Writing & editing 

Elliott Stark is writer and editor with extensive credits in the sportfishing, marine conservation and culinary spaces. He actively contributes to a number of publications in print and online-- in the United States and abroad. 

FishTravelEat. www.FishTravelEat.com

Marlin Magazine, FishTrack.com, GearJunkie.com, Billfish Magazine, Back Country Journal, Billfish.org 



Editor-In-Chief, InTheBite Magazine. 2016- 2020.  www.InTheBite.com 

Book and Manuscript Editing: 

The Golden Age of Oregon Inlet and Other Stories from a Life of Boats and Fishing by Captain Jeff Waxman. Published Summer 2020 (Saltwater Media).

Magazine & Web Features:  

Specialties include: big game fishing, travel, marine science, fisheries conservation and stories.
Article Samples: Kona: You Should Really Go, The Case for Fishing Guatemala, Bucket List: Galapagos, The Ultimate Sportsman  

Content Writing:

Bubba Blade 

Key Hopper Charters-- Islamorada, FL