Private Fishing Club
                at Punta Coco

With 10 people investing $197,500 each, Punta Coco provides an exciting location for a private fishing club. The protected bay and the ability to moor boats allows operation to begin immediately. The buildings on site provide living quarters for management and construction staff to begin work or for owners to begin fishing. 


Vision for the club could include the club area-- providing services and generating revenue for the operation-- and individual ownership parcels. 


The Club Area would be approximately three hectares and would include:



     Fuel tanks



     Swimming Pool


Each owner would receive:

     One mooring for his boat

     A two acre parcel to construct his private residence.  


The Tourism Permit provides that all revenue generated by the operation will be untaxed.  There will be no import taxes on capital equipment purchased for the project.  Financing is available, further facilitating the project.  


The fishing around Punta Coco is world class-- both inshore and offshore.  The revenue projections for the Private Fishing Club are equally enticing.  The lifestyle benefits to those involved are unmatched in Panama.  Whether you're looking for one share or 10, contact us and we'll put the package together. 


To register your ownership interest, contact Elliott Stark: