Private Estate 
in Tropical Paradise

Punta Coco's idyllic tropical setting makes it an ideal location for a private estate.  Alongside its natural beauty, the property includes pre-existing improvements:


  • Two, two bedroom residential houses for management staff-- with solar power

  • One, two bedroom residential house for caretaker-- with solar power

  • One large staff building, which is under construction-- with solar power

  • Two secure storage buildings-- equipped with construction tools, materials and supplies

  • Fresh water well, with ample supply

  • 200 tree tropical fruit orchard


The appeal of a private estate in paradise is heightened by the ability to generate revenue from the property throughout the year. Combining an estate with a fuel dock and small marina store, would maintain a steady fuel supply for the property owner's boat and provide revenue for passing vessels. Pairing the amenities of the proerty with some targeted marketing and the property's revenue forecast is substantial.  


The tax benefits associated with the tourism permit-- no income tax, reduced property tax and no import duties on equipment brought in for the project-- increase this appeal dramatically.  


























Aside from the great fishing surrounding the island, its clear tropical waters offer great snorkeling opportunities. The Darien region of Panama, with its pre-Colombian rainforest, is located 40 miles from the property.  The indigenous village of Playa Muerto exists much the same as it did one hundred years ago.  Lobster, conch, oyster and clams are prevalent in the waters surrounding the island.  Wild caught pearls-- the namesake of the archipelago-- can still be found here.   



orchard, staff buildings.jpg
houses aerial
beach, peninsula.jpg
house ground level
yellowfin ball.JPG
house interior
4. boat-island-runway.jpg
road, beach.  protected bay.jpg