Fuel Sales 

The property is sold with fuel sale/ storage permits. This is an incredibly lucrative proposition.  


Panamanian market:

1. Sportfishing boats (diesel)-- there are two large marinas in Panama City and one on Pearl Island (about 30 miles inshore of Punta Coco). Each of these marinas would be central to your marketing. Providing anchorage, fuel, freshwater, ice, and a hotel room for these boats would permit them to stay and fish the area much longer than they currently can.  They are limited now by the lack of fuel.


2. Center Consoles (gasoline)-- there are hundreds of center console boats in Panama City. They have even less fuel capacity than the sportfishers, so they are even more limited in their ability to stay and fish. In addition to the general traffic, there are also several large fishing tournaments in which upwards of 100 boats participate. Fuel and accommodation sales during these events would be central to your marketing plans.


3. Boat/ Condo Owners on Pearl Island-- there is a large luxury condo and marina development known as Pearl Island, on an island formerly known as Pedro Gonzalez.  For these boats to access the marlin fishing grounds, they must pass Punta Coco. Staying at Punta Coco saves approximately 2.5 hours of transit. This is quite a bit of time considering that boats generally do not travel at night in the Gulf of Panama (floating debris). This development provides a great opportunity and a captive market that is affluent and would buy diesel.







International Market:

1. Sportfishing boats and yachts transiting the Panama Canal-- boats coming and going through the canal pass within close proximity to Punta Coco. Offering fuel and accommodation/ mooring would be sufficient to get many to stay a week.  The marketing is easy as well, as most use a canal agent.  Starkfish LLC can provide contact information for the best of these services in Panama.


2. Boats Fishing at Tropic Star Lodge-- Tropic Star Lodge has been around since 1950.  It is located about 55 miles east of Punta Coco near the border of Colombia. Many boats travel from the states and Costa Rica to fish there. These boats must pass Punta Coco in their transit. You would market your services (i.e, make it known that fuel is available) and many would patronize your services.  The average fuel purchase for a large sportfisher runs from 1,000 to 2,500 gallons. 


3. Boats staying at Los Suenos Marina in Costa Rica-- making your services (fuel and acoomodation) known to boats staying in Costa Rica would result in traffic.