A Fishing Utopia

The fishing opportunities surrounding Punta Coco are the substance of legend.  

The Gulf of Panama boasts: the best black marlin fishery in the northern hemisphere, consistent blue marlin bite on the shelf, yellowfin tuna (upwards of 300 pounds), 70 pound dorado, 80 pound cubera snapper, 80 pound roosterfish... incredible.  


The offshore fishing surrounding Isla del Rey is incredible.  In 2010 the Picaflor caught a grander black marlin offshore of the explosivos.  High season for black marlin is October through January, with fish to 800 pound observed in all months.  Punta Coco is located 25 miles from the edge of the continental shelf and one of the most consistent blue marlin bites in Central America.  A good blue marlin is 400 pounds, with fish to 650 observed.  

























Inshore fishing opportunities- surrounding rocky ledges and outcroppings-- include world record class roosterfish and cubera snapper, wahoo, broomtail grouper, mullet snapper, african pompano, amberjack, bluefin trevally, and more.   The cubera snapper fishing might be some of the best in the world. 























Punta Coco is 55 miles away from Zane Grey Reef and Pinas Bay-- home of Tropic Star Lodge.  Tropic Star Lodge boasts more than 200 IGFA world records to its credit.   From the property, it is a two hour run to Zane Grey Reef.  


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