Development of Punta Coco

In terms of readiness and potential, the economic forecast of Punta Coco offers an array of possibilities.  Marina, Real Estate Development, Private Estate, Fuel Outpost, Fishing Lodge.
The 27 acre parcel is sold with a number of improvements and a portfolio of development permits.  The permits were the result of four years' effort and an investment of more than $200,000.  Panamanian registered company and numerous drawings included in sale. Sale includes Canadian owned, Panamanian shell corporation with an established history in Panama.

Permits included with the sale:

  • Tourism Permit-- incredible tax benefit. No income tax on revenue generated by property and more. 

  • Pier construction and concession

  • 40,000 gallons of diesel—sale and storage

  • 8,000 gallons of gasoline—sale and storage

  • Building permit for facilities-- hotel, restaurant, pool, marina, and other uses.

  • Panama environmental ‎approval


Whether your vision includes the 27 acre parcel or the entire package, a combination featuring development (fishing lodge, real estate, private estate or otherwise) and fuel sales, Punta Coco offers incredible return on investment possibilities.  Add the Tourism Permit to the equation and the economics are even more favorable. 

For complete details, contact: Elliott Stark-- 001.216.375.9432