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Pairing insight with outreach, Starkfish provides clients with program development and competitive advantage.  Starkfish makes things happen.  

At Starkfish LLC, we have a variety of interests and pursue a diversity of projects.  Our specialties include writing, problem solving and analysis. We also have a passion for fishing and have worked in just about every aspect of the sportfishing industry.

Elliott Stark has a Master's degree in Marine Policy and four years' experience with The Billfish Foundation. Our experience in international travel and in project management is extensive-- from managing a remote fishing lodge in Panama to marketing of a boutique rainforest resort in Belize. We also have more than 40 published magazine articles, serve as Editor In Chief of In the Bite Magazine, and have worked on four continents.


Starkfish LLC is the result of this experience. It is a problem-solving, solution oriented consultancy that performs a variety of interesting work.

Put Starkfish LLC to work for you today. 

Elliott Stark
Experience: The Billfish Foundation, The West Coast Fishing Club, Inthebite MagazinePine Ridge Lodge (Belize), release ruler
Pelagic Gear, BlueWater Magazine (contributor)....